Biotech & Pharma Consulting
Biotech & Pharma Consulting

Expert advice on data quality, robustness and competing strategies

In an industry driven by biomedical research advances, it is important for any investor to understand not only the science behind the product but also the scientific and disease specific implications of the product usage. At Celda consulting, we combine our extensive biomedical research experience with pharmaceutical and biotechnology market trends, regulatory and economic pressures influencing drug development to offer you advise on your biotechnology and pharmaceutical investments. From a comprehensive scientific review of pipeline drugs to evaluating preclinical development and clinical trial data, our team of experts can provide you invaluable technical insights into drug mechanisms, potency, and relevant genetic implications.

With 113,000 clinical trials registered and conducted within the United States, the amount of technical information from preclinical and clinical trial studies is overwhelming. We at Celda consulting are equipped to break down the complicated and esoteric concepts of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research to help you in assessing your investment choices in a data driven manner. Our team of scientists and physician consultants will not only evaluate data quality, robustness, and integrity from preclinical research and clinical trials, but will also simplify the complex findings for efficient and meaningful communication while retaining complete scientific integrity and accuracy.

The United States leads the world in number of novel drugs developed each year, with three times as much individual spending on drugs as compared to the European countries. With the highest global market share of 40% in pharmaceutical sector, United States pharmaceutical market is poised to reach nearly $700 billion over the next three years. With the market growth, there has been a concomitant growth in the number of companies with novel drugs and clinical trials. We utilize a proprietary strategic analyses framework with scientific parameters to generate detailed company profiles to help you in making informed investment decisions within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.