Mass Tort Consulting
Mass Tort Scientific Consulting

Meticulous analyses for detailed drug effects and interactions to simplify and strengthen your case

At Celda consulting we believe in the power of science to make informed decisions. Our team of highly experienced scientists can provide detailed analyses of drug effects in patient populations, identify susceptible populations, develop drug-DNA and drug-drug interactions and identify causative and compounding mechanisms for your mass tort and multi district litigations. Celda’s team of internationally published scientists has experience across a broad range of disciplines including, but not limited to cancer, cardiovascular, muscle, metabolic and genetic diseases, and immunology.

With the recent breakthroughs in technology and biomedical research, we have witnessed an exponential growth in drugs and medical devices available in the market. Between 2017 and 2019, more than 100 new drugs were approved by the FDA, while a record 224 drugs were recalled amid safety and efficacy concerns. With nearly 30,000 genes available to interact with any single drug in the human body, the potential unintended or side effects of drugs can be highly complex and manifest in many different ways. We at Celda consulting are equipped to break down the complicated and often esoteric concepts of medicinal and pharmaceutical sciences to enhance scientific communication and empower your attorneys to understand the medical and scientific case details. We specialize in converting complex scientific phenomena into simple verbiage for efficient and meaningful communication while retaining complete scientific integrity and accuracy.

Our consulting process begins with a careful assessment of your case requirement, followed by a thorough case-specific literature search, formulation of a comprehensive case report based upon reputable scientific findings and reports, and a final, easy to understand summary report or presentation. The whole process is highly dynamic as we maintain constant communication with the client to address any questions or incorporate specific criteria into our case analyses and subsequent report generation.