Medical Record Review
Medical Record Review

Offering comprehensive and client driven medical record review and analyses services

We offer a comprehensive service suit of medical record review and analyses to address your mass tort case requirements. Starting from medical record retrieval to detailed medical chronologies, summaries, medical opinions, and plaintiff fact sheets, you can choose from individual services or use our end to end medical record solutions for your mass torts. Our medical record services are powered by state-of-the-art AI, technology experts, and nurse and physician consultants. In addition, our scientific consulting expertise is available to the client to further support them in understanding the medical and scientific components of the medical record review process.

Medical record retrieval

  • Fully HIPPA compliant process with cloud based advanced data security
  • Flat-fee based service structure
  • Follow up record indexing and review service optional
  • 3-4 week average turnaround time
  • Contact us for medical record retrieval service

Record sorting and chronology

Often the records from medical record retrieval companies are disorganized and difficult to analyze. We can organize medical records into categories based on provider, hospital records, diagnostics, physicians’ notes, surgery records or sort them chronologically to convert hundreds of pages of complex information into highly organized format. The chronology output is a text based sequential summary of all events extracted from the available medical records of the patient.

Missing records are identified and duplicate records are deleted to further enhance downstream record analyses.

The chronology summaries are available as pdf or word files hyperlinked to the underlying medical record(s) for efficient navigation during future document review.

Based upon client requirement, case specific events can be identified and highlighted in the chronology report to aid record screening.

Patient data security and privacy is our top priority. All medical record processing, transmission, and storage at Celda and its business associates is fully HIPPA compliant. We utilize a cloud-based information management system with stringent server-side encryption and a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard for patient data security.

Medical summary and synopsis

We can provide a succinct medical synopsis based upon the most relevant details from a medical record. Clients can utilize synopsis and summaries for a precise description of the nature of injury/condition, and tests and treatments among other vital information. The medical synopsis is provided after a medical record chronology has been generated and is prepared by nurse or physician consultants.

Plaintiff fact sheet

Plaintiff fact sheets (PFS) are an integral part of the mass tort litigation process and are extremely helpful in establishing individual tort claim eligibility. We offer PFS preparation service by transferring relevant information from medical records to generate PFS for your mass tort case. As a consulting company at our core, we engage with the client to identify case-specific information to customize claimant data input into the PFS.

Mass tort case screening

The large number of plaintiffs in mass torts and MDLs requires screening thousands of pages of medical records to ensure that the claimants meet the criteria specific for the claim. Our experts can review the medical records and provide a customized result, based upon the client provided parameters. The relevant case specific medical events for each plaintiff are organized in an excel file, which can be used to reliably and efficiently screen the large number of claimants.